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This project began life as an exploration into notions of containment. Inspired by the scale and the form present within the paintings of Gerhard Richter and Mark Rothko, both the projects output and it's functionallity continually evolved throughout the process of development. It began life as a simple particle system integrated to operate in conjunction with a random walker, this soon changed in order to attempt to simulate the process of painting a specific region of canvas up and down which I achieved by simply manipulating the Y axis with both noise and static incremental values applied within a given region.

After discovering the work of Anders Hoff, in an effort to comprehend the implementation of one of his algorithms, I replaced the basic node system with a Line Differential algorithm(#1 #2) - this system combines the behavior of that algorithm(#3) with the aforementioned movement function that allows for contained renderings to be made. During this process of change it often seems that the pursuit of knowledge can obfuscate any sense of expressive autonomy, as learning through observation or reconstruction can both humble and quieten the creative self.

As such, any work created with the system can be fleetingly lost in the same way it was discovered, and perhaps this situates the project's main purpose as a way of exploring value in code that continually changes. As an artist's studio would evolve over time, the fragility that can be found when tampering with something that possesses even a small degree of complexity, coaxes out the duality between concise purpose and sheer exploration.