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Music Glove

This project focuses on according to human behavior to create real-time music, nowadays,  music has entered our lives, no one can without music. But we always enjoy other people's music, if something can create music according to human behavior, which will be exciting things. Different people have different behavior, as a result, everybody can use it to create a unique music.

produced by: Shuai Xu


This glove I use five pressure sensors to control different fingers, every finger can mapping a signal to my computer, which can generate some sounds, which combine together It sounds like a music. I prefer to generative music, and then I use two filters to control my music sounds,  so the music almost not similar.

I never studied music before, but I want to create music, even though, the music not good, but this project just is a beginning, I will do more research in the future, Continue to complete this project.

Audio Visual 

The audio-visual part I prefer to Geometric shape. I use many ellipses, as we know, draw an ellipse in C++, we need to define the ellipse resolution, so when I coding combine my sounds and this resolution, it can draw many different shapes, it combines together, has lots of funs.


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Example sketch for Keyboard library for Arduino.

Example sketch/program Maxim Granular example : OF0.9.2_OSX_Granular0_92