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Audiovisual Processing Portfolio

This portfolio consists of one C++ audiovisual project and four JavaScript audio DSP examples, which are the coursework for the course Advanced Audiovisual Processing 2018.

produced by: Adam He

AV Hallucinant

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In this work I aimed at creating the psychedelic impression by audiovisual means.

Four circles comprised of dense radial beams overlap with each other, applied with colour blending and layering to create a wide spectrum of vividness. By consistently changing their positions, vast amount of patterned variations in both shapes and colours are generated in a mutational continuum.

The ever-changing distances between the four circles also serve as the modulation sources for the sonic transition. The FM matrix is made up of six oscillators, whose output amplitudes are mapped to the six distances respectively. The closer each pair of circles get, the higher the amplitude level will be. Furthermore, the changes in amplitude level of each oscillator can drastically affect the spectral harmonics due to the frequency modulation between oscillators.

As such, some degree of synchronisation between the audio and the visual has been built. Yet in order to strengthen the perceptual connection, a variable that represents the overall frequency richness has been used to alter the brightness of the coloured beams, as well as the speed of the tremolo, making the audiovisual experience more coherence.

Random and noise functions are utilised to drive the transition in this project, so the audiovisual output is endless and unlikely to repeat.

4 DSP Examples in CodeCircle