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Without Pain we cannot learn. Without Pain we cannot grow. Pain is my constant. 

produced by: Legion (Jess Gould)


This piece pays homage to an installation I created for my Fine Art BA. Whenever embarking on a new project I will always devise a narrative. Legion is a very important part of my creative process and is often the driving force behind the work. Of late their voice has been silenced.

Can one truly escape the undulating gates of burden, a colourful prison is still a prison. 

One can so easily be consumed by the ever growing mass of pulsating torment. 

Tears of fire lick the skin and dizzying madness clings to the foggy mind. 

Pain is never ending and so exhausting, to the mind, the body, the soul. 

But Pain is not the enemy. 

Change your perspective and Pain is beautiful. 




It felt fitting to use a mask as the surface for the projection, I couldn’t see my narrative working on any other shape. However I was unaware of the difficulties I would encounter by choosing a shape with so many different planes, I most definitely bit off more than I could chew. The piece is very theatrical and I believe it worked well alongside my narrative. When the room was dark the piece looked like it is was almost floating, giving it an eerie presence. 

I am not entirely pleased with the work I have created. I am accustomed to adapting to new challenges but since moving into this very particular field in the art world, expectation has not met reality. 

I was trying to encapsulate my narrative with four different scenes, each one displaying a line in the text. However my animations were a lot more simplified than I had originally imagined. My coding skills do not match up with my imagination and I am left feeling underwhelmed, given more time to develop my c++ skills I believe I could create the more complicated animations I have in mind.

Although I may not be pleased with the outcome of this piece I do believe that ultimately I have achieved what I set out to do. I think the piece tells a story, albeit a simplified one, and I must remind myself that I am still new to this world. 

I am used to having paintbrush to canvas or hand to clay but in this world its hand to keyboard and tiny screen, and it feels very restricting. I am used to working in big open spaces and having the space to expand my ideas both physically and mentally. 

From my experience in fine art I know that I work best by testing ideas in the spaces I wish to display my work. I had forgotten to do that with this module, I was so focused on my screen that I never got around to moving away from it and looking at the bigger picture. If I were to redo this project I would experiment with the animations and the shape along the way to finesse the scale and complexity. 



Music by Dream Machine from Fugue

Masked designed by Steve Wintercroft -