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 It is very simple mathematical manipulations of pixels. Each pixel is taken from the webcam and doing  mathematical manipulation to it.

Section 1 

 I was trying to work with pixel manipulation to achieve glitchy/noisy effect. The idea was to create an application with live webcam, where pixels are constantly changing. I wanted to have a glitchy and noisy image, which, as according to the assignment, varies over time, at lest four times.  I was always fascinated by analog video synthesisers, so the idea was to mimic that analog  behaviour in a way.  I took an inspiration from video artists like Steina and Woody Vasulka and John Whitney. I have built, quite simple analog video synth (can be seen here : ) so this assignment was an attempt to try experiment with the image digitally in order to achieve similar, colorful and distorted effect. 

The idea was to really explore how can one apply simple modulations to the pixels in order to achieve complex behaviour. I didn't want to make an application with big pile of code, but quite in the opposide - by using minimum code I wanted to explore how big changes can be done. At one point the webcam image isn't even recocgnisible, it's just bunch of colors and shapes - I really like this effect of an image being hardly recognisible, uncanny. I like the effect that Woody and Steina Vasulka achieved with the Rutt Etra analog Synthesiser, which explores the idea of three-dimensionality of the video image (the link is in the references). The image that we can see is changing it's shapes and depth, depending on the incoming sound. We can recognize the shapes only sometimes. It's quite fascinating technique. 

The code is based on open frameworks videoGrabber example. I just manipulated it and added few things. It is basically very simple mathematical manipulations of pixels. Each pixel is taken from the webcam and doing some kind of mathematical manipulation to it. The pixels are represented by some number, so one can add, subtract, divide, multiply, module it. In this one it is applying the modulation to each pixel, the number applied is taken from the time so the image will change over time.



videoGrabber example