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We believes that what people see is not the real world, but is reported by the media rather than experienced in it. Interestingly, this video shows these three events with little correlation represent points, lines and faces respectively.

produced by: Yuwen Huang


Hope that most of the audience want to understand the meaning is usually to follow certain social moral norms and political cultivation of rationality, which is not a strong emotion. "Thorn point" is often a detail, that is, a part of something that cannot be decoded like interest. Interestingly, this video shows a drummer, the water splashed down the stairs, the rain hitting the steps, which will happen normally on the stairs. When the event happened, it was a real and complete event, like a drummer's figure and clarity. After being observed and recorded by the observer, it becomes a linear event, with the causes and consequences and logic presented. After being read, this event becomes a key and expandable information, that is, a face with many minutiae. 


Concept and background research

Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation (1981).The present age prefers the sign to the thing signified, the copy to the original, representation to reality, appearance to essence.