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The project is an attempt to map, distort, and shift the frame of the built object (a 2x2 grid of drop-in & out structures). 

produced by: Gerolamo Gnecchi Ruscone


"Line is precise and unequivocal. It is here, not there. Making a line is not about accidents. Rather, it is about contour, edge, shape. It is about where one space begins and another ends. It can be spontaneous or studiously deliberate, but it always carves space in a decisive way...The drawn line is one of the great human inventions, and it is available to all of us, a tool both common and esoteric, personal and universal." Lebbeus Woods

For the mapping, I decided to simply use the outline of the structure (a 2x2 grid of drop-in & out squares) and play with it, exploring how a shape can change and be deformed, for example, by a simple rotation. Throughout the animation, some squares rotate, appear, disappear randomly grow, fill the structure, multiply themselves giving life to a new perception of the shape and augment its dimensionality. 

There are three different phases throughout the animation:
1. rectRotation+Growth: the squares start learning the different movements getting ready for the final scene, creating also stroboscopic effects.
2. rectFilling: fills the structure with columns and rows of squares, creating a new texture of lines.
3. rectRandomGrowth: brings together scenes 1 & 2 by multiplying themselves randomly.

The project does not have explicit meaning, but under a Jungian sense of synchronicity analysis, the viewer can draw new meaning. The project's meaning is constantly evolving with space and time as the material (the lines) change.


sketches of intention

Future development

Overall the I would like to explore in more depth the distortion of a physical object by the simple use of lines and create further variations.


render of the final scene_random growth




SceneRectRot2_Creative Coding Sketch in class
SceneFill_Open¨Processing Sketch: