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Blinking Shapes

This project uses changing blinking shapes to show some dynamic effects through three vertical cube models.

produced by: Junqiao Luo


This projection mapping model consists of three 30cm * 30cm white cubes, which are set up vertically by some string suspended from the shelf and a long wooden stick. The idea of the model comes from cutting the continuous motion into three discontinuous pieces, and designing to achieve the effect of three divided spaces. 

Concept and Idea

The name of this project is ‘Blinking Shapes’, which means its majority characteristics is blinking in different shapes. Considering the characteristics of the model, some shuttles in the three spaces should be designed as an important part. 


Hardware: Projector

Software: Openframworks

Model: Mainly uses three cubes


Design Introduction

1. First of all, the appearance of the model ‘three cubes’ is a good beginning. As shown in the video, the first scene uses dynamic strokes to outline the approximate shape of the model. Because the exhibition environment is relatively dark, using this form of opening is a good choice for the audience.

2. The next few scenes use gradient lines and use the same code for different stereo vision designs. This achieves a progressive relationship for the whole projection visually. Besides, different random color for each loop provides more colorful vision.

3. Next scene is some falling balls, which adapted to three separated cubes and provides shuttle effect. The movement of the ball follows the rules of physical free fall and up throw, and it will gradually stop bouncing.

4. As for the ‘Tetris’ scene, it is the most complex one of the whole project. Different Tetris drops in corresponding direction with random color, and stacked gradually till the screen is fully filled. Then all Tetris in screen blink in random color to indicate that game is over.

5. In the next scene, the whole screen is divided into 16 blocks, and a point is randomly selected in each block and adjacent points are connected to each other to form a triangle. The triangles are filled with different colors. The screen is refreshed every 1 second, both of the points and colors.

6. The idea for the next scene comes from the trembling column. The front side is a rectangle that constantly trembles with the value in ‘noise’ sequence. The mathematical shape can be used to obtain the corresponding change in the visual shape of the side.

7. The last scene is two balls bouncing on the screen. Once the two balls intersect, there will be a few blinking balls at the intersection. To avoid of there are too many balls in the screen, the screen will be refreshed when the number of small balls reaches 200.

Self evaluation

The concept of this project is blinking, so the color change and movement is quite necessary. Besides of some basic command like loop, if, random, ofMap, in this project, noise, vector and translate are mainly used. However, there are still many things are supposed to be improved in this design. If there is still a chance in the future, I will be more willing to combine the model itself with the design of the pattern. Although some visual effects of shuttle between spaces have been done to show the characteristic of the model, it was still not enough. More complicated and changeful patterns are expected to be shown.