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‘Bloom’ is an art installation celebrating Spring, which is represented visually through a graphic abstraction of cherry blossom flowers and tree branches. Participants can interact directly with the piece, using hand gestures as a 'paintbrush' in 3d space, to create the cherry blossom tree on the screen. 

Made by: Céline Chappert



The input for the system is a leap motion sensor. This enables the piece to be interactive, in that the participants’ gestures are used like a brush to construct the tree. The path of the hand movements builds the tree trunk, while simultaneously generating cherry blossom flowers around it of various sizes.

The output of the system is the graphic representation of the cherry blossom tree. The piece can be projected on a wall from a laptop for maximum effect. Participants can clear the canvas and export their Bloom 'painting'.

Pre-requisites, installation & running the project

The project 'Bloom' needs quite a bit of setting up prior to running the program. The first thing is to acquire a Developer License from Leap Motion. Then, it is necessary to download an OS-specific Leap Motion software - or SDK. As I'm using OSX the version I am using is the V2 tracking software made for OSX support. Assuming openFrameworks is already installed, the next step is to get a hold of a copy of the ofxLeapMotion2 addon source code. 

All the links for the steps above can be found on the project's GitHub page :



- Nature, flowers, trees, walks, blooming, spring. 

- I credit the for-loop formula (ofApp.cpp) entirely to Kiyoshinakauchi. Link in Github readme

Going Further & impressions

This would look beautiful projected on a wall with multiple people interacting with the piece. The Leap can recognize multiple hand sets. 

Going further on this I would improve the look of branches, they are not 'sturdy' enough. I really appreciate the smooth feedback animation triggered by the Leap Motion sensor. Originally I thought calibration would be a nightmare. 

Céline Chappert

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