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Fluffy Fluffy

It is hard to see or touch some rare animals, not only because of their scarcity but also because their habitats are usually limited in some areas of the earth. However, the most important reason is that these animals often live in sparsely populated areas, such as the isolated jungles, or in the extremely cold polar, and desert and grassland with tough living conditions.

As human activity increased, although some animals adapted to "urban life" which means living with humans in the city area, most animals are affected by human activities, including deforestation, the greenhouse effect, and so on. Among them, the survival status of some protected rare animals is not optimistic and danger.

By imitating the effect of animal hair, this work simulates the effect of animal fur when touching them. You can trigger the effect by the mouse, or just watch the movement and changes of the fur which provide a lovely and vividly interactive experience, and I hope to raise the awareness of animal protection for the audience.

produced by: Xinyu Sun

Technical Processes

Firstly I load the image and update each hair colour pixels by using PGraphic and PVector, after getting the colour of each pixel, I set the stroke colour of fur by the colour data. Secondly, using ArrayList and PVector to form the amount, initial Length, initial Angle, hair Length of the fur, and calculate each fur's position by sin and cosine. Then update each hair and display each hair by using for loop and array list in functions.

Calculate the distance between rotate angle and touch angle, and using if statement map it from 350, 0 to 0, 2*PI. Also, Calculate touch angle with noise and Calculate rotateAngle between touch angle at 0.0725. And then update the length of hair by adding 0.1 each frame. Finally, I display the fur by using push and pop matrix and lines drawing, calling the functions of initializing each hair and image, updating pixels colour in the setup function, and the functions of updating and displaying each hair in the draw functions.



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