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Transforming Shapes

The inspiration for this work comes from the short film art of mirrors directed by Derek Jarman, a British artist. In the short film, a man in an evening dress walks through the screen with a mirror in his hand while shooting sunlight at the camera. He handed the mirror to a woman in an evening dress. The woman approached the audience and seemed to hypnotize us. I like this kind of Psychedelic feeling, so I used webcam to make different visual effects.

produced by: Xi Sun

Concept / Visual

In the first scene, I chose mosaic elements and the combination of motion and sound to create an uncomfortable and unreal feeling. This is what Derek Jarman's film brings me. When the audience picks up the flashlight to aim at the lens, it echoes with the pictures in the film. I put the screen in a closed environment. When the audience picks up the flashlight to interact with each other, I can see the scene, They will have a feeling of exploring the unknown picture. I added the sound element in this scene, referring to the classroom example of week16. This kind of sound changes with the movement of the mosaic, giving people a sharp, uncomfortable feeling, but the law is difficult to escape.

As an extension of the second scene, I want to make a dazzling ha ha mirror. The audience can only observe their own parts in the continuous rotation and repetition of space. This form looks like the space station. I refer to the form of Junkiyoshi's works.

In the third scene, I combined with the homework of week12 piano webcam to create a number of small moving black and white windows to present a sense of chaos.


Addons: ofxMaxim for the second scene, ofxFboBlur and ofxOpenCv for the third scene.


Future development

In this project, I tried many different visual effects. In order to achieve the feeling of hallucination, I tried to combine sound, rotation, floating, mosaic and other different effects, but I failed to find the most representative one. During the production process, I encountered many code errors and spent a lot of time to solve them. My plan is to have three screens and three different areas, When the audience walks into different areas, it will trigger different visual effects. However, due to the limitation of conditions, I failed to achieve this plan. I used a computer and a space to camouflage this effect. I think I can continue to study more information, make the most hypnotic effect, and try to combine with Arduino and other hardwares.



Theo Papatheodorou, Workshops in creative coding week16 example

Theo Papatheodorou, Workshops in creative coding week12 assignment

BGM:Maja Ratkje - River Mouth Echoes

Also inspired by
Derek Jarman, Art of Mirrors