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Interactive Points

My project is a mini interactive project, which uses a combination of OpenFrameworks and Touchosc to complete. In this interactive project, you can use Touchosc on the mobile phone to control the change of the color of the large-scale distance image in OpenFrameworks.

produced by: Yi Zhou

Concept / Visual

In the learning of OpenFrameworks and max, I touched the software Touchosc, so I am very interested. I think this is a good way to achieve interaction. Therefore, I’d like to use Touchosc to complete my project, and I have learned to use touchosc to control graphics through classroom study, so I started from this point and tried to use some suitable graphics and operation methods to complete this project. My graphic inspiration comes from two works on OpenProcessing. These two works use the mouse to control the change of the graphics, and are composed of points and lines. I think this combination is very beautiful, so I want to use this as a basis to complete my graphics.


All my images were use OpenFrameworks to completed, I added the content of the graphic on the basis of the OscReceive code file, I first conceived the need for several control buttons on Touchosc, and then set the variables according to the parts that need to be controlled, and use them to complete the drawing of the graphics. After drawing the graphics, the most important part is to connect OpenFrameworks and Touchosc. I installed Touchosc software on my phone, and customized a layout control panel according to the tutorial through its official website. Although I have encountered some problems in this process, after several adjustments, my Touchosc can successfully control the transformation of the graphics of OpenFrameworks.


Future development

Through the completion of this project, I have experienced the fun of interaction and the advantages of Touchosc. I think in future projects I can also try the use of MIDI keybord, and try to incorporate sound in graphics to achieve simultaneous interaction with sound and graphics. I think my project can continue to be extended to make the graphics more abundant, or may allow the development of the previous games, such as completing a jigsaw puzzle or a free drawing of graphics through the control of osc. Of course, the most important thing is that I hope that my ability to edit code will increase in the future, and try other forms to achieve interaction with OpenFrameworks