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Circular Squares

This project consists of the creation of a geometric generative art piece, with the intent to be projected into 3D shapes, in this case, 2 cubes.

produced by: Rita Cabrito


This is the final project for term 1 of the Creative Coding module. We had to create a captivating work to later be projected on either cubes or pyramids. This project is called 'Circular squares' and was made to be projected on 2 cubes one on top of each other.

Concept and background research

My concept was about the creation of something visually interesting with the use of very simple shapes. The whole program consists of a ‘dance’ composed of squares and circles, that varies between 3 main colours: orange, white, and black. I wanted for it to be very simple/minimal so that it wouldn’t be too much visual information and could be seen clearly from a distance. The influence of work of artists such as Malevich and Matisse can be seen in the way I intended to present my piece. I wanted to keep it simple but at the same time as captivating as I possibly could.


This project was done using Openframeworks. I wish I had the possibility to use real cubes for the final projection of my work, but with limited resources, I simulated the cubes on Tinkercard and used a background to simulate a physical environment.

Future development

For future development, I would like to incorporate more cubes and maybe incorporate another shape for a more complex and varied visual outcome.


I achieved what I intended in my project proposal. I would have liked to have been able to incorporate some more complex code, but for now, this is a final result that I am happy I was able to achieve considering that I have been struggling a bit with the learning speed, in the past few months. I feel proud to have created this composition, and I hope to develop my skills much more before the end of term 2.


Majority of the code is my own with the exception of a little help from some exercises we did at the lab.