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                     A table and several plates can be used for more than eating.  I would like to use my code to show you some more possibilities
produced by: XINWEN LU


How to make a table and several plates have more possiblities? These is my exploration and attempt on this physical model.

Considering the characteristics of plane and circle, I designed these images so that you can see the diffrent changes.

Obviously, it is not only a dining-table, it could be a table which has a Chinese chlassic Ink draw. I used some bushes, Inkstone images into this work. Thus, the concept of the whole picture will be more complete.

Besides that, with the help of the lab sessions which taugh me how to deal with balls. I made some moving balls in some diffrent ways, even with some diffrent colors. Also, the number changes. I think this Physical Model shows these very clearly. 

For the development, I would like to make some interactive effections between diffrent plantes and the specific backrounds.