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Explore Boxes

This is a Projection Mapping made by openFramework. Usually, we are always in a three-dimensional world, and we can't feel the space of other dimensionals, and I hope to explore more possibilities in my project.​ 

produced by:  Shuai Xu 


In this Projection Mapping, I tried to explore a relationship between animation and space, In a three-dimensional world, how to explore other spaces, so I hope to take this opportunity to show me a space view, through programming animations to illustrate my ideas.

Concept and background research

Our group is used Multiple Cubes in a pyramid formation, in my point of view, this shape is the easiest to use projection mapping represent space and structure. Before I do this project, I saw many projection mappings to show in their 'Infinity Room' The Cave  Refik Anadol’s “Infinity Room” Expands Perception  RAUMKLANG³ - projection mapping @ Niigata, Japan also I want to use my own way to show me 'infinity boxes'. 


All scenes were coded by openframeworks/C++, which based on the animation of rectangles and how to use it to show my space, furthermore mainly based on two colors of black and white. The first scenes only use lines to outline my boxes.  This step I want to show is the most basic space concept. Next scene uses many rotating rectangles, that is an example code in our workshops in Creative Coding, I won't use it to show the space inside these boxes. The third scene also is many rotating rectangles, rather than last scene its rotation is not at one position, these rectangles from the inside out and adds a change in the size of the square, as well as with the development of time a change in color. The fourth scene, I want to use a 2D animation to make an extension of the space. The next scene, which is based on breathing Wall.  The seventh scene is used four mirrors, extending the line of motion, changing colors over time, and motion patterns. The final scene is a text scene, the first one shows my name Shuai Xu, the second one shows Goldsmiths, the third one shows Computational arts.

Future development

I am looking forward to the work that can be made is a very complete work, including sound and storylines, but this time is a good start, telling me how to use programming to complete a separate project.  Also, I can use some interactive way to finish my own project use webcam or Kinect or combine Audio Visual in Projection Mapping, As well as this time we use general installation to finish our project, maybe in the future, I can try other materials, like mirror, plastic, even the human body, so I very exciting for the next projection Mapping combine different stuff.

Self evaluation

This Projection Mapping project not perfect, A lot of programming doesn't achieve a good effect. Like the last scene, the effect of the text is not very good. I do not consider this project to be a creative achievement, but neither is it what I intended it to be. And in my narrative process, this project not perfect interpretation of what I want to express.


revolvingDoors, Week 7's lab example by Theo  (§ion=7) 2018
— organic typography, Week 5's lab example by Theo (§ion=5)  2018
— breatingWall, Week 9's lab example by Theo (§ion=8 ) 2018
— Geometric Animations / 170503 - OpenProcessing, Sarah Wiseman .

As visual references, I mentionned these two videos by Körner Union/Sami Benhadj:
—  RAUMKLANG3 - projection mapping @ Niigata, Japan [WWW Document], n.d. . Vimeo. URL (accessed 2.9.19).
—  gasta, 2014. The Cave. Vimeo. URL  (accessed 2.9.19).
—  Refik Anadol’s “Infinity Room” Expands Perception - Design Milk [WWW Document], n.d. URL (accessed 2.9.19).