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Christmas Tree

Recording a different Christmas for me.

produced by: Boyuan Yu


video link:




"Christmas Tree" records the first Christmas I spent in a foreign country. From a visual perspective, I try to reflect the lively, peaceful, and joyful Christmas that I saw.


Concept and background research

This work is inspired by the giant Christmas tree installation at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. The whole installation is composed of large and small gift boxes, neon balls, and light strips to form the shape of a Christmas tree. Together with the background music of Christmas, the entire environment is full of festive atmosphere. This is my first Christmas in other countries, so I hope to commemorate this very special Christmas for me through this work.



I used Christmas red, Christmas green, gold and bright yellow as the main colors of the whole work. Through color combinations and graphic changes, I projected each box out of the effect of a gift box. Combined with the shape of each box, I combined the model into a Christmas tree. shape. This is the most beautiful Christmas tree in my imagination.

Before I started writing the code, I spent a certain amount of time picking up background music (Although music is not allowed during projection), but I still hope that this work has the rhythm of Christmas. So I chose 'Wish Tree".


Future development

I may think more about using 3D visual effects for projection, so that the sense of space in the entire model is continuously improved. It is even possible to use it as an immersive interactive project to expand the Christmas atmosphere and increase interest.


Self evaluation

This project was very challenging for me, from creativity, ideation, coding, modeling, projection. A lot of problems were encountered throughout the process. Especially when merging the code of the group members, the problem of the conversion between the windows system and the mac system program cannot be solved. It also required me to build models. But after the completion, I did learn a lot and improved my ability to solve problems independently. Overall, this project has a high degree of completeness, and the audition effect is good, reaching my expected effect.



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