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Art as interactive storytelling 

A piece of moving art that users can interact with and by doing so unfold a story with their hands.  This project uses communication between Arduino and processing to implement music and controls over lighting. With conductive paint aspects for physical touch input.  

Produced By: Chantay St Louis

Concept / Visual

This project's concept was focused around turning views into users and letting them explore a story with their own hands. My goal was to create something people could interact with and unfold a story with. This project pushes its ascetics s forward to grab user attention and maintain it. The Zoetrope turns playing the story within but also allows users to turn by their hand if they wish. user also have controls over when music plays and colour the story is seen in, all of these features are attempts to give controls of the storytelling over to the user to explore. 

For the complete making process, mini projects, user tests and more videos and images please go to my develpoment blog. 

Full Blog:

Mini project are: Intertactive Orgami Pond, Sand Drawer

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Technical / Self-evaluation

I wanted to give the users as much control as I could, accompanying this idea users controlled the scenes colour via a hue image on the laptop. the scenes colour would change to the colour they users had the mouse over. The hardest part of this project was the wring, with moving elements the wires would twist and sometimes come unconnected I had to carefully take into consideration the Zoetrope’s movement and secure the wires while giving them enough room to move but not be noticed. I also wired top down which was a first for me with my board hidden above and the wires feed down the Zoetrope. 

Future development

I enjoyed making this project and with the feedback I received from users have many ideas on how I would improve this project or upscale it.  firstly, I would like to make the actual Zoetrope bigger to encase more layers so I could tell multiple small stories that combine into one bug story. I would also like to improve my processing knowledge so I could incorporate aspects controlled with via processing more. My favourite feature was the conductive pain due the reaction users had when they realised touching it made the Zoetrope spin, I would like to create painted controls to controls each aspect so users could controls everything by the touch of their fingers.