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Project Title (heading #4)

This is a story about silence, everyone in this story has good-lookings, but sometimes they'd like to have different ones. 

produced by: Litong Zhai


This project is named Circle, but it is not the normal one we draw on paper, this cirlce is filled with defroms, which means trouble and fake . You can imagine yourself sitting in the center of it and watching the world go by. 

Concept and background research

The project is inspired by words It is impossible to have similar feeling with another one in the world at the same time, when I heard the words for the first time in April, the feeling was bad. The circle I want them to represent some kinds of challenges we need to overcome in life.




There is no special technology used in my coding, most of them are very simple except the one I borrowed from the book named Mastering openFrameworks.The reason I borrowed it at the beginning is very simple, I was attracted by its color and its shape matched my mind to express my feeling at that time. However, I still need to make some changes and endow it powerful force. 

 This circle is combined by triangles, rotating  with a fast speed is a good way to display, the more fast the speed is, the more force the circle shows up. when people watch it, they will see many burrs on its surface, that is the animation I want to have. These burrs like difficulties, troubles and problems, but they only exist in the surface.I give a large space inside the circle. What I want to say is when someone are stuck in troubles, they need place to calm themselves down and give themselves enough safety.

In this coding, I added functions of scale, loop, getFrameNum and getElapsedtime, reducing the value of translate, changing the color of shape, they help me change the circle in an exaggerate way. I borrowed the code from an online book, the website is, you can check the code from the book.

The other coding is focused on  animation, such as two circles separated slowly, it is a process liking struggle, at many times we are forced to give up something, the process is hard and filled with sadness.I use map , cos and sin to reach this animation in this coding, at the end, I also added a return function to help me make the circle look clean. 

There is also a green deformed circle, it can be changed into other shapes continuously. I use vertex , pushmatrix and popmatrix functions. This image gives me some surprise, because it deforms with various shapes, which is out of my imagination.

Future development

Draw different shapes is my main work to do in the future study. 

Self evaluation

I am struggled the whole holiday for this project, it is really hard to finish it by myself, but I have done it. Searching many books, websites and blogs, it gives me a real chance to study coding design. There is a long way to go further on this road, I dont know how to make more complexible shapes and various deforms, there is more space for me to improve myself.