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Project Title (heading #4)

I want to talk about a story of violence, the level of violence we meet in life is different, but I believe it must hurt us at a certain degree. 
produced by: Litong Zhai


This project is named Circle, I use a image to talk about silent violence, such as rumor from Internet. There is a gilr in the center representing all of us, she looks lonely and helpless when violence comes, but she do support herself when she decides to confront them. 

Concept and background research

The project is inspired by words It is impossible to have similar feeling with another one in the world at the same time, it was a story about online rumor. I want to use a way to talke about this story.  Normally, it is hard for popularity to tolerate the harm from others, particularly for those weak psychology. 




My project  mainly used class and loop functions to reach the goal. I changed the color of the girl as ellipses shooted from one direction, it means she knows where and who does this. 



Future development

This project should have more changes in function, but I only used class and loop to finish it. What I should I do is to develop more functions for this project. 

Self evaluation

Starting to understand how to use coding to make designs, it is totally different from photoshop and other design softwares. What I want to do is  realize those beautiful work through my design, not only enjoy them and dont know ways to do it.