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Shady Window

produced by: JINGYI CHEN

In this program I want to deliver an emotion of sorrow, depressing and waiting. The black strings like black hair and they gradually form a shape like window, the rails let audience recall the rails of jail, on which black strings entwine, like sprawl weed, haven't sorted out by anyone in ages, a house which is obsolete, a room inside cut off from sunshine and the world. The white background is similar to leaving blank space, one of the techniques of Chinese painting, to let the audience focus on the main object and feel pure emotions. The white background set off the subtle changes and shadows of points.
This program's core code refers to Blue Growth by Hydra, it involves the techniques of Processing like ArrayList, Pvector and class. From it, I learned how to to create class, use ArrayList to store newly created objects of a class, use Pvector to create the positions of points and velocity and acceleration of motion, use cosine and sine function make the motion regularly and use limit() to limit the scope of motion. It also contains many other motions and conditions inside, including how to write the condition to let the appearance of new points stop when reaching a certain length, to make points appear and disappear one by one by functions display(), update() and remove(), and control the alpha and colour as the length increases by use the difference of points as arguments.


Blue Growth by Hydra