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Love Story

My mapping project expresses a little love story, describes several different emotions in different stages of love.​

produced by: Plantain Wang


Scene One: Heart Beat
When someone saw the eyes of a person he liked, his heart beat fast and fell in love immediately.
A red circle with a variable radius was used to represent the heartbeat, and a line similar to the electrocardiogram.

Scene Two: Heart Fly
When someone fell in love, his heart blossomed like a blossom, and it danced all over the sky, he was hit by happiness.

In order to show happy to dance, a heart is divided into many small parts, the color had changed from red to pink, and added some small yellow stars, pink means love heart, yellow stars are the feeling of dizziness when happiness hit.

Scene Three: Heart Rotate
In the second stage of falling in love, the whole world revolves around. When the heart starts functioning for someone, the brain starts malfunctioning too much.

Scene Four: Heart Break
Not every relationship would have a good result, when he lost the lover, the heart would fall to pieces.
Firstly, the pink heart turned red again, the bloody red, and then falls to the ground one by one.


Future development

My shape is very irregular. It would be better if it could be a more regular shape so that I can add some interactions between shapes. Can add more design, make the vision richer, the story more complete.



Code examples
Week 4:  mandala shapes by Theo Papatheodorou