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Distorted artifacts

Distorted artifacts is an interactive computer-vision based installation, which includes three different scenes. Individual scenes react to sound or movement.

produced by: Marlena Kepa


The interactive installation Distorted Artifacts was created with the use of inspiration from Op Art and ancient Minoan art. The installation has been divided into three scenes, each of which is separated by a few seconds' pause. The first scene reacts to sound, the second to movement and the change of scale of objects, and the third one also uses motion that affects the objects that appear - in this case, octopuses inspired by Minoan ceramics.

The experience that I would like to pass on to the participant takes the user into the world of op-art and refers to the ancient Minoan culture. I would like the user to feel the influence of ancient Greece conveyed in the illustrations and for a moment to detach from the surrounding reality.


Concept and background research

Due to my previous experience with fashion and fabric prints, I decided to choose clothing collections for inspiration.

The inspiration for the Distorted artifacts project was the 2017 Mary Katrantzou clothing collection inspired by the ancient Minoan civilization, combining antiquity with hypermodernism, classicism with futurism and the art of the 1960s, where ancient artifacts were distorted by op-art projects.

In the project, I focused on op-art graphics that refer to those used in the Katrantzou collection. I also wanted to use the inspiration of ancient Greece, so I decided to create a mini collection of illustrations inspired by the ancient Minoan civilization. Each of the drawings was created digitally using a graphic tablet, based on characteristic images on frescos or ceramics.




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The installation was created in C ++ using openFrameworks and ofxOpenCV, ofxFboBlur and ofxPS3EyeGrabber addons. I’m using individual classes for selected generations directly in the file, which are then recalled in the main application. For time changes I decided to use a switch statement. Finally I’m also including a few digital illustrations that I made on a graphic tablet in Adobe Photoshop.

The project is presented using a PS3 Camera, a projector and a phone for sound in the first scene.

I find the quality of the project clear and satisfying, and the movement is smooth.


Below I am enclosing photos of inspiration and screenshots of the scenes in the installation

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Future development

In the future, I see potential for the development of the project. I would like to experiment and build a few more scenes that could react to other movements or characteristic sounds or either connect it with physical computing.

In addition, I could separate the scenes into divided installations so that each scene could be displayed on a different projector. Thanks to this, I could build a whole room that could be filled with installations referring to a given inspiration. I believe that thanks to this possibility, the user could fully benefit from the experience.



To sum it up, I’ve learnt a lot throughout the preparation of the project. I tried to challenge myself while developing each of the scenes. Preparing an interactive installation was not an easy task for me and I consider the final effect to be satisfactory. I decided to use a few examples that we previously used during weekly assignments, but with the intention of expanding them. I believe that with each such project, we can learn more and start using other aspects of the code that previously presented many more difficulties. I am also glad that at this time I was able to use an external camera and present the installation using a projector instead of an internal camera and laptop screen.



Mary Katrantzou, Spring Summer collection 2017

Ancient Greece|Minoan Art


MINOAN Painting

Moby- She Gives Me

Referenced Code

Optical flow controller assigment

 Webcam piano weekly assigment including code example from following files

2018年1月8日 投稿者: JUNKIYOSHI | Insta20180107

 ofxPS3EyeGrabber by Christopher Baker


Tutorial series - episode 072 - rectangle loop by Lewis Lepton