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In my work, I hope to express this kind of casual collision and interaction between people. I used cameras, Kinect2 and projectors in my work. In my original vision, I hoped to use a lot of computers and cameras to create a monitored room like "The Truman Show".Eyes is a key element in my entire work. I use it to express surveillance. Later, because of the limited hardware and space, I focused on the three relationships of monitoring.
"Monitored", "Against Monitor", "Monitor others".
In surveillance, the most important issue is the uncontrollability of privacy. We are recorded by traffic cameras. This behavior seems to violate our privacy, but the government controls the flow of traffic. Our identities are employed in government data. We seem to be supervised under government surveillance, but this maintains social stability. So whether monitoring is right or wrong seems to be right from the management level, but it is wrong at the individual level. We have been monitored and lost our privacy, but we have maintained social stability. While we are being watched by others, we seem to be watching others. To explore surveillance with "political correctness" is one-sided, but "surveillance and control of the people" are problematic. In this sense, surveillance is a double-edged sword.

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