More selected projects

Tree Cubes

For some image design of mapping, we used three separate cubes and designed some graphics that could produce interaction.

produced by: Yi Zhou


I chose the group that used three cubes. Through inquiry and discussion, it was agreed that three boxes could be hung on the wall and placed at a certain distance between each box. This arrangement just satisfies my idea of realizing that each box can interact with each other. So I chose the team of three cubes. In order for the patterns to be interactive on each box, I had to make some moving shapes and have them move from top to bottom, or from left to right. And given that the total time of the projection is 2 to 3 minutes, I have to do something that can be randomly transformed over a long period of time, or I have to do several different things.

Concept and background research

My works are inspired by some movable graphics drawn in the processing class, and one of the squares is inspired by a work Shared on openprocessing.


We use OpenFramworksb to create some images, and working with projetion mapping and scene changer, show it at Popup exhibition.

Future development

I like to show our code works in this way. Due to time and personal ability problems, the current works have not reached the level of satisfaction. I hope to design more interesting and better images after I have more knowledge of code in the future.